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Lines, Are They Worth The Wait?

March 7, 2017

Many guests approach the Concierge Desk with recommendations from friends in-hand.  More often than not, they are places that either do not accept reservations, or the particular venue in question has special circumstances for obtaining a ticket.  If your time is limited in town, the question is often asked—is it worth the wait?  Or my favorite “Is it that good?”

To help you make the most of your time, I have composed a brief list of many of the places in Nashville where you’ll inevitably have to wait in line. I’ll also include a little information about each one, and try to answer the burning question, is it worth the wait?


Nashville’s signature dish is ‘hot chicken.’ Hot chicken is spicy fried chicken and Hattie B’s makes some of the best. Hattie B’s is a counter service restaurant where you choose the level of spice when you order. If spicy is not for you, Southern style (no spice) is an option.  if you are adventurous, the spiciest option is so hot that it turns purple after it is cooked. All the locations have lines, but the most popular (and original) location is less than a block from Hutton Hotel in Midtown. It is worth the wait? Depends, what is the weather like outside?

If it’s pleasant you could duck into one of the neighboring bars to help aid your patience.  Also, you do have the option to order in advance (sometimes at least 1 hour) and pick it up to enjoy in our climate controlled lobby. We will even provide fancy (real) plates with actual (non-plastic) flatware. The choice is yours.

Bluebird Café is a famous low-key singer –song writer venue, and has quickly climbed to be a red-letter attraction in town.   Nashville is very fortunate so have MANY talented singer song-writers who are also brilliant performers as well. Bluebird Café is the most famous for being one of the original singer song-writer venues left in town.  It is a very small venue that offers two shows a night. The only way to get a coveted seat is to join an online lottery 5 or 7 number of days in advance at 8 am.

The venue also holds 25 seats for their early show each night for walk-ins. It’s recommended to arrive at least 2 hours in advance for a party of 2 or longer if there are more people than that.  It is located in the Green Hills area about 15 minutes from the hotel in a strip mall. Don’t blink if you drive past it, you might miss a glimpse of the famous blue awning one the outside of the small venue. Is it worth the wait? Depends, do you have anyone loud in your group that might break the strict SHHHHH policy (no kidding, it is serious) in place and get you kicked out? Also, what time is your hard-to-get dinner reservation? You are welcome to wait as this is a legendary debate. If waiting in line for a “maybe” is not your style, we have other singer-song writer venues we would love to tell you about.

Acme Feed and Seed is a newly (ish) renovated building that really was once a seed and feed store many years ago. It is now a very popular place to eat, drink, and listen to music.  When you enter the door, there is counter where you can order a casual meal, southern fare with mostly delicious fried options. Once it is prepared, you make take you food anywhere in the building. The first floor has tables where you can sit and eat with nightly live music.

The second level has a bit more modern feel with sofas and a semi-hidden sushi bar in the corner. The rooftop has a bar and one of the best views of the Cumberland River and Broadway. The bars serve different drinks on each floor, so if you want a fancy cocktail, please get it downstairs before you go up to enjoy the view! On Friday nights, they have dance party. This is hands-down, the longest line you will see (about 3 blocks long) when the weather is nice to dance on the roof.  Is the line worth the wait? How much do you want to dance on the roof over the city of Nashville?

Biscuit Love was one of the first food trucks to become a brick and mortar restaurant (it is joined by marvelous East side taco emporium Mas Tacos). They offer their signature biscuit, which features a coveted cornbread texture alongside, eggs, ham, jam, and many other breakfast foods.  They have an award-winning open faced fried chicken sandwich, served on what else but a biscuit and if you’ve ever heard of the New York croughnuts, we have the biscuit doughnut affectionately known as the boughnut.

I don’t have words (maybe from all the sugar, I can’t be sure.) Is it worth the wait? Depends, you do have the option to stop off the Hutton Java Bar to get a morning snack, then go back to biscuit for a late lunch (after sightseeing or shopping) and skip most of  the line. Also, there are few seats at the bar. The line monitor may offer you one and I recommend you take it.

Grilled Cheeserie, also known as The Melt Shop, is one of Nashville’s newest additions in Hillsboro Village and is another brick and mortar that started as a food truck.

The Grilled Cheeserie Truck is known for its line and since settling in to its permanent location, a seat usually requires a wait as well. Is the line worth the wait? Depends, how much do you value calcium? Also, do you love cheese as much as I do? They will help you find your answer for this one.

You never know who will show up in Nashville and you never know who may schedule a pop-up / impromptu / surprise show. Also keep in mind that for general admission concerts, fans gather early to grab their specific spot up close to the stage. They may wait hours, half a day, or more.

The question to both these is, is this worth the wait? I give them the same response – a resounding yes! Nashville is music city. You never know who may show as a guest performer and a Music City crowd is like no other, full of energy and filled with fans that are excited to hear what drives their city.

If you think you may end up in a Nashville line, please stop by the Concierge desk so we can prepare you for the elements by outfitting you with an umbrella for the rain, a hot cup of coffee during the winter months, and a big bottle of water during the summertime. We are here to prepare you for your Nashville experience and you never know who you may run into as you discover if it’s worth the wait.

Safe Travels,


Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

112 19th Avenue S, Nashville, TN 37203

Bluebird Café

4104 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215

Acme Feed & Seed

101 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201

Biscuit Love

316 11th Avenue S, Nashville, TN 37203

The Grilled Cheeserie- The Melt Shop

2003 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212

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