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Exploring East Nashville

November 15, 2018

On the other side Cumberland River, a quick jaunt from the brightly-lit neon strip of Broadway and downtown, you’ll find the hip, quirky pocket of East Nashville (known to some as ‘East Nasty’). Beloved for its polished grit with equal parts buzzy food, craft beer and shopping scene, below, a sampling of our favorites.

Boutiques, Beers & Vinyl

In the Five Points area, you’ll spot the Idea Hatchery, a mini-modular sprawl of eight shops whose mission is supporting local businesses like Goodbuy Girls who hawks vintage cowgirl boots. And, every Thursday through October, you’ll also find a weekly farmers market. On Main Street, the airy, white-on-white clothing store Two Son stocks labels like Black Crame and Norse Projects plus the brand’s own denim line. Lest you forget, you’re in music city. For sound-stocked diversions, Fond Objects Records doubles as a record store with vinyl titles, stereo equipment and a bonus prize: a highly-curated vintage clothing section known to carry well-worn tees and cowgirl boots. Meanwhile, the female-owned Fannys House of Music (Taylor Swift is a fan) operates inside a Victorian-style house and totes around 300 musical instruments (Fender and Strats) alongside vintage clothing. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take a lesson.

Photo credit of Fanny’s House of Music

Photo credit of Fanny’s House of Music

For celebration, kick up your heels inside the old-school venue 5 Spot, once dubbed GQ’s Most Stylish Dance Party in the world, also pairing hot dogs with cheap beers. On the dive bar front, Dino’s slings cheeseburgers and canned beers while the no-frills staple Frans remains a cash-only spot known for its lively karaoke. For discerning craft beers and seasonal ales, nab a seat inside the industrial-flared Fat Bottom Brewing also serving comfort fare from wings to burgers and crispy panko-crusted tots with beer cheese.

Tacos, Burgers, & Tea

Don’t let the simple façade fool you. Inside the narrow, pink-hued Mas Tacos is elevated homemade Mexican cuisine including fresh tacos stuffed with tilapia, picked cactus or sweet potato and quinoa. A few blocks away, the airy-industrial Butcher & Bee serves a Mediterranean-inspired menu with mezze, hummus and feta dips and mains include grilled eggplant and dry-aged New York strips. Nearby, the burger joint Pharmacy uses locally-sourced beef for their creations and also houses an outdoor biergarten. For a spot of tea, natural tinctures and nutritious herbs, the wooden-hued High Garden Tea has you covered while Barista Parlor whips up buzzy, caffeinated sips (including spiked whiskey drinks) and biscuit sandwiches.

Dino’s Burger – photo credit of Andrea Behrends
Dino’s – photo credit of Andrea Behrends
Photo credit of @highgardentea
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