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Catching Up with Rachel Reinert

May 4, 2018

Rachel Reinert recently graced the Analog stage with the first performance of her new solo career. Her album will be released later this year, but we caught up with Rachel before the show to talk inspiration.

Rachel, we’re so excited to have your solo debut concert here at Analog, how are you feeling?

I’m feeling excited and anxious – in a good way. I’ve been working on my music for the last two years as a solo artist, so to get to debut everything in such a beautiful venue in my hometown feels amazing.

Tell me about a time where travel inspired your music, was there a particular trip or place that helped shape a song?

I’m constantly inspired by traveling. I think to get out of the constant motions of home just opens my mind up on a deeper level and gets me thinking in different ways. I spent the last two years traveling/experiencing new places with friends and family for fun and I would say it had a great impact on my songwriting. My favorite travel moments are when I’m disconnected from technology, being present and in the moment, connected with my thoughts. That tends to refresh my mind and inspires many song ideas. There was a writing retreat trip I took out to a farm about an hour outside of Nashville in Cedar Hill last year with two co-writers. We wanted to just get out of town and be really focused on creating something special and we ended up with two incredible songs. Our phones barely worked and we were surrounded by green pastures with cows and it was truly magical.

I saw on your Twitter page where you shouted out Buckingham Nicks, I agree it’s a criminally underrated and hugely influential album. Are there any other gems you’re currently enjoying?

I’m a sucker for anything from the 70’s. The music was so pure/honest/simple back then and it just hits me in such a real way. I’m a massive Fleetwood Mac fan. Totally obsessed with Stevie Nicks. I also love Neil Young, Tom Petty, The Eagles – just to name a few.

What else is in store for you this summer?

I’m finishing up writing for my debut album. I’m hoping to get into the studio very soon to record the rest of it (we have three songs done so far) and getting ready to start releasing my music.

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